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The Apulia region, also known as "boot-shaped, is a fascinating part of the southern Italy, a totally different land from the rest of the country. You will find fishermen villages and beautiful sea side resorts, along the coast which is mostly made of long cliffs overlooking the blue Adriatic or Ionian sea.
You’ll easily come across lovely beaches and pleasantly surprised by the baroque architectural masterpieces, of which the region is rich. The weather is wonderful, thanks to the Mediterranean sun. The vegetation is lush, with expanses of hectare cultivated land, with cereals, olives for some of the best olive oil in Italy, and grapes for many exquisite wines. Castles, sumptuous hotels, farmhouses, trulli, beaches, cliffs overlooking the sea or luxury villas surrounded by olive trees, Apulia offers many alternatives for those who choose to get married in this beautiful region.
This land offers above all the opportunity to get married with a civil ceremony by the beach, a trend that is becoming increasingly popular in Puglia, and your wedding reception by the sea will be simply amazing! For those who prefer the traditional wedding instead, the choice is wide, and churches or castles or masserie spread throughout the territory are ideal scenarios for a fairytale Italian wedding.

The wine is great, it is local - Salice Salento, a delicious red or a robust Primitivo di Manduria. The area is also rich in culinary traditions, which means the exclusive use of local ingredients, including olive oil, pasta and homemade bread.
Best time to visit all year round.


  • Symbolic Ceremony
  • The ideal solution for those who prefer not to go through the hassle of all the legal paperwork is definitely a symbolic ritual.
    This is also the perfect option for those who wish to celebrate just a special occasion like an anniversary, or simply their vows renew.
    Best of all, this type of ceremony has no restrictions, as it is not legally binding.
    Ceremony and reception could take place in a magnificent castle or masseria using its beautiful secret gardens, or in a breathtaking view terrace overlooking the sea, where you will have your memorable first dance by the moonlight, yet you could chose one of the golden beaches.
    Just get in touch with us, we are proud to say we can create the perfect wedding, a timeless and unique experience tailored for you.
    The quality of our work is due to the great attention to detail, and the staff high-level skill.

  • Civil Ceremony
  • Getting married in Italy with a civil ceremony, involves some documents and requirements depending on the nationality, and case to case. We know how stressful and complicated can it be… our job is to relieve you from anxiety, stress and confusion that planning can create.

  • Catholic Ceremony
  • If your desire is to get married with a Catholic religious ceremony, we will denote a list of necessary documents required by the Italian Catholic Church.
    Documents should not be done more than 3 months in advance, otherwise they will expire. A good time to send them is about 40 days before the wedding. You must submit all originals directly to the Italian Curia and to complete the requirements of Catholic marriage is essential to provide the originals.

  • Orthodox Ceremony
  • In Puglia there is beautiful churche where you can celebrate Orthodox weddings.
    The main Russian is located in Bari.
    In order for your orthodox wedding in Puglia to be legal, you should have done a civil ceremony before. The requirements for an orthodox wedding in Italy are slightly different from church to church.  That is why we are about to suggest you what is generally required, later we will discuss case by case and we will help you to collect the exact documentation needed.

Documentation required by law in Italy

1. Women who are divorced or widowed cannot marry for 300 days, If you have been married before, you will have to submit your previous marriage certificate(s) : Divorce Decree or Death certificate.

2. In order to get married in Italy everyone will need a Nulla Osta: STATUTORY DECLARATION - No Impediment certificate, which is issued by the Embassy or Consulate of your country of origin here in Italy. It is valid for a period of time of 6 months, and as of 2011 costs equivalent of Euro 50.00. In order to get it you must have :
- Full birth certificate, the ones with your parents names on. You should request it in Italian or it will have to be translated and apostilled.
- Photo page of both passports.
The Nulla Osta is issued in Italian and is perhaps the most important document that you need to have in order to get married here. It must be done in Italy. It must be then legalized by “ufficio legalizzazioni” of the Prefettura.

3. Another requirement regarding the age: If you are under 18 or 20years old and if you're from New Zealand, you will need written permission from a parent or guardian in order to marry.

4. You will need two witnesses with valid ID.

5. Since the ceremony will be officiated in Italian, you will need an interpreter, and we will provide to you.

6. Last but not least the procedure will end few days before the wedding by doing the “DECLARATION OF INTENT” –Promessa di Matrimonio” at the town hall where you are going to get married, if required.


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