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Apulia, I like you a lot! Both during winter and summer.
This is the best expression explaining the results of a research published by the Regional Tourist Observatory dealing with the analysis made on the ratings and effects of the Apulian tourist offer in the month of December: the numbers refer to the result of the touristic initiative called “Notti bianche” (Sleepless nights) which took place in some towns of the Region, events organized in winter in order to test the response of tourism in a period that usually is here considered of “low season”. What stands out of the experts comments is that Apulia can be a tourist destination even during the cold season despite its lack of classical winter tourism attractions, and not necessarily during celebration times. There are no mountains, neither snow, but there is a lot more to visit, to live and taste. Thanks to the synergy among local municipalities, Region Tourism Office, artists, event organizers and hotels, Apulia has become an important natural, artistic and urban theatre. The “Long nights” have been an important test bed for this Region that aims to create a 360 degree tourism, 365 days of the year.
To let this happen it is necessary that Apulia becomes a seal of quality gathering in itself and in its name the idea of the heel of Italy, the idea of excellence of its products, of its hotels, its wine and food, the valorization of its art, fun, culture, tradition both during winter and summer, on its sea and in its country sides, on its tables and in its squares. Apulia is becoming a comfortable land that knows how to valorize the diversity of its treasures and how to deal at best with its population and guests coming from all over Italy and abroad.

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Let’s explore some pearls of Apulia, fox example the Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto, in the province of Brindisi. It is a place where Nature express itself at best. Here fl ora and fauna, land and sea form a unique environment under the State’s supervision.
Its name is linked to the Aragonese noble family, who constructed a marvelous quadrangular Tower to defend the Salento Coast from the Turkish pirates attacks. But the name has Turkish origin, that is “Al Gawsit” that means “place of fresh waters”.
The ancient garrison now represents a symbol of another defense: that of nature guarded by man. The Nature Reserve is, in fact, under protection of the State and of WWF.
More than 2200 hectares is the spreading blue surface protected since 1991. The coastline, 7 Kilometer long, on the west side is mostly cultivated through traditional and non-invasive techniques: old-centuries olive trees and stone walls surround the small plots; on its east side the wet land that overlooks the sea is a microcosm of high biological value with its dunes and a thick Mediterranean Maquis.
There is a very rich fauna such as the fratino, the oyster catcher, the badger, the serpent lizard luscegnola, the green lizard, the tarabuso heron, the starling and the swallows. And more the coot and the grebe. Besides the animal world you can also admire a beautiful universe of plants: lentisco, alaternus, spiny asparagus, shrubby thyme, rosemary, lilies, juniper trees and rare orchids. Equally rich and various is the underwater plant heritage: meadows of Oceanic Posidonia, wide coral seabed, anemones, sea fans, sea Axinella and sea Trina animated by the presence of some little creatures such as sea breams, saddled breams, damselfi shes and combers.
In summer Torre Guaceto Reserve turns into background of several events, always in the full respect of Nature, a kind of sustainable tourism: guided tours in the areas of Apani and Punta Penna Grossa; bicycle walks throughout the thousand-year maquis, the beautiful coastline and the cane thicket; sea watching excursions in the untouched part of the seafaring protected area, or interesting dives to the discovery of breathtaking seabed. We recommend also to visit the “Al Gawsit” New Visitor Centre with its beautiful Mediterranean aquariums and dioramas of Mediterranean earth’s environments. Torre Guaceto offers also archaeological traces of prehistoric human settlements. Apulia is a perfect scenery for a vacation that will enable visitors to feel part of the universe, to taste the sense of belonging to something big and magnifi cent. Discovering a land like Apulia means overlooking to a world that offers endless travelling possibilities, alternative vacations based on adventure and discoveries.
From Gargano to Alta Murgia Park, to the coast and the Tremiti Islands there is a great number of natural attractions that endlessly multiply the pleasure of discovery of the incredible Apulian resources. Just like monuments and churches, woods, pine forests, natural parks and marine caves are the creations made by an illustrious artist: Mother Nature. So let’s plunge into the beautiful Foresta Umbra, the green lung of the Gargano National Park: here you will discover among maples and live oaks the stunning shades of color drew by orchids, anemones, violets, deer, badgers and rare birds. Here it is possible to rent a bike and join, pedaling, enchanting landscapes and paths that plough through the vegetation; or make a trip on horse into the heart of Gargano, or follow the ancient human settlements preserved in the Mediterranean maquis on board of a “quad” or even on foot.
From the green of its parks, woods and fields let’s jump into the real jewel of Apulia: its sea.
The sea of the Adriatic and Ionic coasts, the sea surrounding the Tremiti Islands. Here you can choose among different possibilities: a trip on boat discovering marine caves of inlets, or flying over the water with a surf pushed by the wind.
Or furthermore following underwater itineraries that give the possibility to live the experience of sea-watching the marine scenery. Green and blue... can be also be admired from another superhuman perspective: for the bravest ones, almost everywhere Apulia offers the possibility to experience the thrill of tandem paragliding flight (with instructor on board), flights where beauty can be contemplated and becomes the most important element. Apulia can offer all this, a full immersion into the four elements of Nature: earth, water, air and fire... the fire that will light your thirst for adventure.
For those who love relaxing holidays and prefer a period dedicated to themselves, to be cuddled and to take care of their body and mind, Apulia offers an alternative kind of vacation, a kind of escape from the everyday life, marked by hectic rhythms and by days that incredibly seem too short and busy. If you want to rip time off, set aside some moments for yourself, in order to feel revitalized, to feel better, to demonstrate love for yourself, to feel in harmony with yourself...you have chosen the perfect location.
In Apulia everything leads towards wellbeing and relax: its sea breeze, its olive groves, its spa waters, its countryside. The idea of a relaxing vacation develops in thousands of different ways. In the countryside there are a lot of farmhouses and historical abodes, now turned into exclusive Spa where the client follows a personalized program such as massages, sauna, Turkish bath, pools, spa treatments, or amazing infusions.
In some of these farmhouses you can immerse yourself for some days following purifying alimentation, meditation and yoga.
By the sea, its crystalline sea offers all the properties and advantages of the renown thalassotherapy, where water sea becomes a companion in improving beauty and health. Together with the properties of some natural products of our land, such as the olive oil.
Real wellness can be found in the perfect synthesis between body and spirit, in the balance between ourselves and nature, a dream that Apulia will make comes true.
This could be considered a “luxury” vacation, because today is a real luxury to find precious time for relax and health.